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This includes; physicals, sick visits, chronic care, urgent care, and walk-ins! Excludes alternative care, labs, and infusion therapy

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Hey, commercial drivers! Friendly Family Practice is now offering DOT physicals! 

You will be provided with a wallet sized laminated card!

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Friendly Family Practice offers direct pay healthcare services, with membership plans available to those interested in additional benefits and savings.

We provide broad-scope primary care medicine, including women's health, men's health annual screenings, sick visits, sports physicals, DOT physicals, on-site labs, chronic condition management, and procedures such as suturing, splinting, and cryotherapy.  


Adam McMann, ARNP, FNP-C

Adam is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) who is certified in Family Practice. He has been working as a nurse for 13 years. In 2018, he became a nurse practitioner. His nursing background includes emergency, cardiac, intensive, medical-surgical, psychiatric, home health, palliative, and urgent care experience. He has a diverse background in health promotion, disease prevention, chronic disease management, and health education. Adam is patient, caring, and motivated to help others. He collaborates with his patients and strives to achieve ideal outcomes, as it relates to health and wellbeing.

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Brenda Halls, ARNP, FNP-C

Brenda is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) who is certified in Family Practice- She has been practicing as a nurse practitioner since 2005. Her experience includes emergency medicine, family medicine, urgent care services, and pediatric care. She has shown the ability to build strong relationships, establish rapport, and help treat patients with compassion. Prior to becoming a nurse practitioner, she worked as a registered nurse for 15 years. Her experience included cardiac, intensive, medical-surgical, and emergency care, with a certification in emergency medicine.

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A sample of the benefits our members enjoy:

Prioritized scheduling*

Free Office Visits*

Discounted Rates*

*Membership is not required to receive care.


Maybe you’ve heard that Friendly Family Practice is different. It is true! And these differences allow us to prioritize our patients and their care in ways that challenge the model used by most clinics today. From the inviting and inclusive atmosphere to the empathetic and collaborative approach of our providers, Friendly Family Practice wants to ensure patients depart feeling great about their experience, from start to finish.

But what about cost? Our fresh approach to pricing with direct pay billing is not only affordable, but also makes quality healthcare more accessible to everyone.

You may be asking yourself, “Doesn’t ‘direct pay’ imply that insurance, Medicare and Medicaid can’t be used to cover the cost of a patient’s visit?” In a way, yes. And while this may cause apprehension, feel assured that this approach allows Friendly Family Practice to keep its prices affordable, and even more importantly, preserves your freedom to choose a path of care that best fits your needs, as well as your budget.

But what if you carry insurance? Well, limits imposed by insurance can often mean you’re subjected to unnecessary tests to justify an expense, which can prolong your journey to answers and wellness. Some required testing may not even be covered by insurance, which means paying out of pocket for expensive procedures that may not be needed at all.

Still, Friendly Family Practice accepts payments made from Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, and Care Credit cards, and can even provide claim forms to submit to insurance for potential reimbursement of office visit and lab costs. Payments made in full by cash are subject to additional discounts, and for those seeking even more savings and benefits, Assurance Plans allow members to pay for healthcare in monthly installments.

Call or visit Friendly Family Practice today to learn more about our mission to provide quality care, serve the Fairfield and surrounding communities, and preserve your freedom to choose the path of care that’s best for you and those you love.


Care Credit provides financing options for healthcare expenses. If you have questions about Care Credit or would like to enroll, please contact Friendly Family Practice today!



'Thorough, yet efficient with treatment and discussions. A true blessing to have this in SE Iowa, as similar services cost 10X more in large cities!'


'Provider listened to me fully, performed thorough examination, and explained all questions, concerns, and treatment options. Reviewed all labs and medical test results with me, explaining any and all thoughts/concerns. 100% would recommend this practice to others.'
"My concerns were heard and Adam explained everything to me in great detail. I’m excited to have him as my new PCP!"
"Brenda is highly qualified and has an excellent bedside manner."
"I have never been more satisfied with a healthcare provider than I am with Brenda Halls. She listens with sincere interest to my health concerns, researches them when needed and always provides solution-oriented feedback. I always come away feeling hopeful and energized knowing that we've made progress."
As soon as I walked into the establishment. I knew I had made the right choice. From the beginning to the end, my experience as a new patient was nothing short of exceptional. The providers were not only friendly but also attentive to my concerns. which is a rare find in other places where my concerns are often overlooked. The time they took with me was greatly appreciated and I never felt rushed. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for quality care.
"Adam and Brenda are the most friendly providers I’ve ever met! Not only do they show they truly care but they don’t judge you for any wild concerns you may have."
"I usually do not take the time to write a review, but felt I needed to as it can be difficult to find a quality Healthcare provider and Adam is just that. He takes the time to listen to his patients concerns and takes those concerns into account when trying to find a solution whatever ailments you may have. If you are looking for a new provider Adam and Friendly Family Practice will put your mind at ease."
"For my first time visit, I was impressed with everything."
"This is a wonderful family practice and I’ve really enjoyed and appreciate the fact that they are here in Fairfield."
"This is a wonderful family practice and I’ve really enjoyed and appreciate the fact that they are here in Fairfield."
"Outstanding, Adam did an awesome job! He put me at ease and talked to me about all my concerns. He did a very thorough job. I highly recommend Adam and his clinic."
"This is a wonderful family practice and I’ve really enjoyed and appreciate the fact that they are here in Fairfield."
"Brenda was so thorough, explaining everything to me. She is so kind and really makes you feel comfortable. She listens to what you’re saying and genuinely cares."
"Friendly Family Practice provides exceptional healthcare every time I go!"
"Adam is one of the best care providers I’ve ever been to! He took his time with me, listened to me, and made me feel cared for. He was not judgmental. I really need the help he is providing. I would highly recommend him."
"Outstanding, Adam did an awesome job! He put me at ease and talked to me about all my concerns. He did a very thorough job. I highly recommend Adam and his clinic."
"Brenda Halls is the health care provider we all have been looking for. She is unfailingly patient, available, courteous, thorough, and above all informed& smart. She persistently finds solutions(clear diagnosis) and makes sure we are treating causes and not just symptoms. True compassion &honesty. This professional practice is creating health and balance, not just treating disease. Lucky to have her."
"I walked into this office with a walker wondering if I would ever walk again on my own. By the next day I am starting to believe I will once again move around on my own two feet without assistance of walker I am sure I have a ways to go but at least I feel I am starting to improve! After a visit to ER which will be costly and was not any help I am thinking Brenda has me on the road to recovery. Thank you very much!"

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