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Low testosterone (hypogonadism) can pose many health risks to your quality of life and can impact you negatively as you age. Men may lose up to 3-10% of testosterone every year after the age of 30! Which leads to a myriad of symptoms such as balding, less body hair, increased abdominal fat, fatigue, irritability, reduced stamina, muscle strength, and low motivation.

At Friendly Family Practice, PLLC, we have three different ways of administration (topical, injectable, or pellets) of testosterone replacement therapy that can be offered to you. Each option can treat low testosterone in men, potentially raising your testosterone levels and relieving many symptoms of low testosterone. These symptoms may include: improved mental clarity, increased muscle strength, drive, energy and so much more!

Testosterone Cream

Applied to skin once daily.

Testosterone Injections

injectable once/twice weekly

Testosterone Pellets

The pellets are implanted into the subdermal fat of the buttocks with a trocar under sterile conditions using a local anesthetic every 3-4 months.